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Panel presentation at EAJS2021

Member: Shoji Yamada, Aki Ishigami, Kiba Takatoshi, Aida Mitsuru, Yamasaki Kayoko, Jieling Li, Michelle Kuhn Hirano, Mizuho Kamo

Date: 25, 26 Aug 2021

Place: Online


This unit presented two panels at EAJS2021 (16th International Conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies).

Please refer to the EAJS website for details of each panel.

25 August


Illustration as the Intersection of Culture and Information 

Convenor: Shoji Yamada (NICHIBUNKEN)

Discussant: Jieling Li (Hainan Normal University)

How Did People of the Edo Period (1603-1868) Learn Japanese History?  

Takatoshi Kiba (Kyoto University of Advanced Science)

“Unfortunate” Representations of Japanese Culture: A Study Focusing on the Uses of Illustrated Encyclopedias  

Mitsuru Aida (National Institute of Japanese Literature)

Illustrations in Kyōkai shogaku tokuhon, published by Japan’s Orthodox Church 

Kayoko yamasaki (Filoloski fakultet u Beogradu)


26 August


Deciphering Edo Period Designs: The Social and Cultural Context of Early Modern and Modern Kimono Pattern Books 

Convenor: Aki Ishigami (International Research Center for Japanese Studies)

Kimono Pattern Books as Merchandise: The Innovation and Universality of the Shōtoku Hinagata  

Aki Ishigami (International Research Center for Japanese Studies)

Marketing Masculinity: Men’s patterns in an 18th Century Kosode Pattern Book  

Michelle Kuhn Hirano (Yasuda Women’s University)

Inheritance and Innovation: Yūzen-dye Designs and Techniques in Hinagatabon 

Mizuho Kamo (Mukogawa Women’s University Museum)