News & Information Symposium

First Illustrated Encyclopedia Seminar

Date: 2019-08-6, 7

Venue: Conference Room 3, International Research Center for Japanese Studies

Unit overview briefing by Yamada Shōji (Nichibunken)

Research plan briefing: Ishigami Aki (Nichibunken)

Research activity report: “‘Reading Shōtoku hinagata: Report by Seminars for the Study of the Shōtoku hinagata” Kamo Mizuho (Kyoto Institute of Technology)

“Monstrosities Described in Encyclopedias/Dictionaries” Kiba Takatoshi (Nichibunken), comment by Satō Takahiro (Gifu University)           

“Study on the Use of Illustrations in Books Written by Fukuzawa Yukichi” Hassan Kamal Harb (Cairo University), comment by Tsujimoto Masashi (Chubu University)

“Design and Changes in Kinmōzui: Positioning Change from Early Education/Enlightenment Books to Encyclopedias,” Aida Mitsuru (National Institute of Japanese Literature), comment by Ishigami Aki (Nichibunken)

“Kyōkai shogaku tokuhon” [Church School Reader; 1903] published by the Orthodox Church in Japan: Preschool Education and Images” Yamazaki Kayoko (University of Belgrade), comment by Arimune Masako (Osaka University/Dōshisha University)

“Cultural Exchange Among Japan, China, and the West Observed Through Advertisements of Japan-made Western Pastry in China in the 1910s–1930s.” Maekawa Shiori (Nichibunken), comment by Nishibayashi Takahiro (Ritsumeikan University)